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Caitlin Richardson and the staff of colorists at BLONDE/BLOND specialize in blonde hair color of every shade using all techniques, including highlights, balayage, hair painting, color corrections, color melts, brown to blonde services, natural sun kissed color, grey blending and grow out, and more.

Their techniques and vast knowledge of pigments and color placement result in spot on results that their clients ask for, while always considering the health and integrity of the hair above all else.

Caitlin and the team of colorists at BLONDE/BLOND are known for creating the most natural and vibrant shades of blonde, and the quality of work and level of expertise you will receive from Caitlin and the staff at BLONDE/BLOND only exists here!

The ability to perfect all shades of blonde is a special talent and we invite you to experience it here for yourself at BLONDE/BLOND

Los Angeles / Blonde

BLONDE / BLOND is Los Angeles’ first and only all blonde color salon. Owner Caitlin Richardson specializes in all things blonde. If you are Blonde or want to be Blonde, you have found your home! BLONDE/BLOND is a concept salon that ONLY does BLONDE hair color!

Long gone are the days spent trying to explain the tone of Blonde you want to a colorist that doesn’t understand the complexities or specifics in blonde hair. Caitlin started this salon because she believed that Blonde is an exact science that needs to be ultra-specific.

There are thousands of shades of Blonde hair, why shouldn’t you have the one you love? Our staff cares about your hair, and is delighted to give you the color you feel amazing in. Blonde. It’s all we do.

Our / Team

Our hand picked team of professional colorists have made the cut to work at BLONDE/BLOND as one of our blonding specialists. This is no easy feat! Trained extensively in the BLONDE/BLOND techniques by Caitlin Richardson, their dedication to detail and perfection adds to their natural talent of hair coloring and makes them the best blonde colorists around.

Team Member Caitlin


Color correction $100-200/hr

Caitlin saw a need and she filled it; a colorist who specialized ONLY in the art of Blonde hair. When it became too much for her to handle by herself, she implemented a rigorous program for other colorists to complete so she could ensure that more clients could have a true Blonding Specialist do their hair! If you have ever felt picky or high-maintance about your Blonde, then she is your equal.

No more need to feel as if you’re over explaining what you want, she will ask even more questions than you ever thought of!

Team Member Laren


Color correction $100-200/hr

Team Member Katie


Color correction $100-200/hr

Team Member Audrey


Color correction $100-200/hr

Team Member Jess


Color correction $100-200/hr

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hair colors


Base Color $115-160
Highlights/ Balayage $225-525
Gloss $60-90
Color Correction : Priced on individual basis


Individual, Weft, Tape In : Pricing available upon request


8581 Santa Monica
Blvd Ste 305 West
Hollywood, CA 90069




Monday-Friday 10a / 10p
Saturday 9a / 9p
Sunday by Request Only


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